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3 Simple and Easy Ways to Dress Up an Outfit Using FILA Watches

3 Simple and Easy Ways to Dress Up an Outfit Using FILA Watches

You don’t have to have a personal stylist to up your outfit game. But the surprising thing is that the majority of people will just stick to their tried and true outfits when simple adjustments can make all the difference. In fact, with just $75 you could add a new element to your outfit. Let’s walk you down 3 different adjustments that can elevate your look and make you feel like a million bucks.


1. Adding different colors and layers


Friends meeting up


Let us pretend it is the weekend on a lovely winter’s day. The sun is out. The air is crisp. The plan is to go and meet up with some friends for drinks outdoors (#COVID). Most people would reach for the warmest thing in the closet and they are not wrong. However, there are simple ways to stand out.  One idea that is both functional and practical is to add different colors at every layer of clothing. For example, grab a dark pair of jeans (no rips to keep the cold out), a white t-shirt (preferably long sleeve) and a wind resistant zip up jacket. Where you would add the color and texture is in the jacket. You could use a bright colored bomber jacket, I have a really cool dark green one that I love. You could also go with a leather jacket with big silver colored zippers to stand out. The final layers would be adding a casual scarf around your neck and a watch on your wrist. If you were to go with the bomber jacket idea, a great watch for a more casual look would be FILA’s 38-311-002. The pure white of this watch blends with the T-shirt while also adding a different color to the outer layer. 


2. Using different textured clothing

Fashion Forward Girl Standing in the Street

When the human eye looks at something, it is able to distinguish textures and is attracted to them. It is important for that reason to add a variety of textures to every outfit. It is not something that you need to put too much effort into either. The difference in textures between jeans and a t-shirt is a good starting point. The more texture you can add the better. 

For example, let’s all pretend that it is a time after COVID has left our lives and we are able to go out to the clubs again. The typical outfit for guys is jeans and a button up shirt. The shirt might have a pattern on it but it does not meet with the suggestion of having a different texture. One easy solution here would be to add a layer of texture to it. You could throw on a t-shirt underneath the button down and leave the button down open. You could also add a leather belt which would help contrast both the color and texture. 

For women, honestly, you are the best at adding textured elements and contrasting colors. But for those of you who struggle that is perfectly fine and easy to fix. In the same scenario above, it is incredibly common for women to go out wearing all black. Their distinguishers then become the accessories such as a colorful watch, shiny necklace, and don’t forget the hair. Women’s hair is a natural fashion “texture accessory” because it quite often will rest below the shoulders and in line with an outfit. Let’s take a deeper dive into the all black outfit that we mentioned above and see how we could help by adding texture. Start off with some ripped black jeans (texture comes from the rips), if you like form fitted clothing a black leotard is perfect for this (if you add a shiny leotard it adds another layer of texture), and for the outerwear a black pleather jacket is always a nice touch. Don’t forget to add a silver or gold long necklace, and for the #wristwear, we think this FILA Statement Unisex watch would be perfect. Even the watch itself has different textures and colors. 


3. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize.

Suit and tie adjusting his tie

As I am sure you could tell from the above examples, accessories are key. Some people like to be understated with their accessory game while others like to be in your face with them. There is no right or wrong way to approach your accessories. Long necklaces are a good way to attract attention to your chest region. Short necklaces are good for showing off your neckline and pulling your attention up towards your face. Earrings are also a great accessory for having people focus on your face. Because we are OG Watches and we love watches, we want to dedicate this section to watches of all kinds but mostly, FILA Watches. 

When it comes to standing out, usually casual watches provide the best option. The reason being, casual watches will use brighter and contrasting colors. More formal watches are also a good option because the silver or gold metal colors are shiny and catch the light nicely. Check out our blog about the best watches for different occasions. 

FILA has some very nice formal watches that would also be considered affordable timepieces with price points of under $175.  But for the purpose of this article, we want to talk about the casual watches that will help you stand out. 


You have to start somewhere.

If you are just starting out with the accessory game and want to keep it simple, wearing a dark watch such as FILAStyle 38-326-002 goes perfectly with a light colored or white shirt. The reverse is true if your outfit is dark a great option would be this wrist watch. We especially love the 38-129-210 because of its minimalist design. 

For those who are more adventurous and love to throw in some bright colors and an element of texture, FILA’s best seller is a great option. This watch features FILA’s iconic color scheme of red, white, and blue with a sturdy ABS case and comfortable silicone strap that makes this digital watch the perfect timepiece for any activity and any casual outfit. However, if you don’t like the digital watches but still want to stand out with an analog watch, the Mindblower collection is for you. This collection has uniquely designed accented patterns on the straps and also blends colors to perfection to really give each one of these watches the POP you are looking for. 

In conclusion, adding flare to your looks doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple little tweaks can make all the difference. Anyone can do it. We would love to see your personal fashion. Tag us on instagram and drop us a follow.