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9 Best FILA Men's Watches for 3 different Occassion

9 Best FILA Men's Watches for 3 different Occassion


The right timepiece is a crucial part of an attire. There are many bloggers out there who really complicate the watch selection process, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. It all starts by knowing the occasion you are dressing for. You don’t want to wear a luxury watch going to the beach or on a hike and you don’t want to wear a casual watch when you are suited up for a job interview. Mismatching your watch selection is like showing up to a costume party without a costume, or worse yet, showing up in a costume to a cocktail party. All it takes is a little patience, a mirror, and a great collection. For our recommendation on a great watch to start your very own collection check out our blog about the Exchange Collection. Below we are going to recommend you with 3 different Fila watches for each of the 3 different occasions you might find yourself. 

Everyday Casual Outfit


The next three watches are ideal options as men’s watches for your everyday use. The outfit we envisioned for all these watches is jeans, a solid colored t-shirt, some clean kicks,  and maybe a light jacket. Don’t be afraid to show off your style though. These watches are great and blend with almost any look.


Fila’s 38-311-002 is a great option for your everyday use. The clean white color makes this wristwatch easy to match and at the same time, helps it stand out. The watch straps are made of a silicone polymer that makes it both durable and comfortable to wear all day. Fila uses some of the best quartz movement mechanisms in their watches and this one is no exception. The 38-311-002 has a MIYOTA 2035 engine that provides a reliable time each and every second of the day. The best part, this watch is at an affordable price range of under $70 while on sale at OG Watches USA. You can check this watch out here.


I am a sucker for a  good digital watch. A good digital wrist watch is defined by more than just the ability to tell time. It must have some great additional features and look great too. This watch meets all those requirements. While the camo color pattern makes it a little harder to match there are ways of making this digital watch a staple for your watch collection. The best part is the functionality. For those of you who like to be active, the watch has a built in chronograph/stopwatch so you can time your set splits. It has a built-in alarm and perpetual calendar, and if you need to use it in the dark it has a great back light to see the time at any time. For ideas on how to dress up any watch check out tomorrow’s blog on here. To find this watch click here.


Inspired by the Italian city where Fila was founded as a company to always push the boundaries of fashion, this timepiece pays a wonderful homage to Fila’s history. The watch blends a mixture of sharp lines with others that are not. The design seems to go towards reminding us about our childhood when we were supposed to paint within the lines. But that has never been the Fila way. The design is the best part of this watch and will make it a surefire way to stand out amongst the crowd. But just as they spared no expense on the design they spared no expense on the motor for this guy. With a Japanese quartz motor, a MIYOTA 2035 you can be sure of how reliable this watch will be for years to come. Check this watch out here.

Casual Chic for Dates or Going Out


It’s date night with your loved one. You are planning on going out to pick up from your favorite restaurant and having a romantic picnic at your favorite viewpoint of the city. You grab a nice pair of dark jeans, a short sleeve button down, and a casual blazer. These are the watches that we would suggest to help you look like a million bucks.


This analog wrist watch is a great option to look great while also showing some personality. The silicone strap is super comfortable so you can wear it all day like most other Fila watches with a silicone strap. The difference with this strap is the bright orange color. This POP of color makes this the ideal watch for those who like to push the boundaries of fashion. The 46mm case makes this watch perfect for a man. The black metal case is also a unique feature. Rather than your usual stainless steel, this black metal case is easy to blend and match with any outfit. Additionally, the watch has a great and reliable quartz engine with an EPSON. The last feature which makes this watch different from the rest of the watches on the market is a built in chronograph and date tracker. This really is a wonderful watch to add to your collection. Shop now here


You will love this watch for its versatility. We were debating adding this to the casual watch section but think it makes more sense in a bit more dressed up version because of the stainless steel case. Much like the 38-821-006 mentioned above, the strap is made of a comfortable silicone strap for everyday wearing. This watch is classic in every way. It has a common round shaped case, uses the classic Fila colors, and emphasizes the Fila emblem as the centerpiece. The Fila logo really stands out while also being pure class. The 40mm case makes this watch ideal for anyone. It is waiting for you to check it out here.


White is the all time greatest and easiest color to match. This watch is one of the staples of the Fila Statement Collection. With a blend of metal and silicone it is a great watch to dress up your everyday outfit and look great while on a date or hitting the club. The red hang tag makes this watch unique from all other watches on the market. The best part about this watch is that the 40mm case makes this wristwatch universal for all to wear. The accented metal colors really give this watch a different look and help it elevate the casual elements to take this timepiece and your outfit to a different level. If you want to learn more about the Fila Statement collection check out our blog here. If you just want to get your own Statement watch check it out here.

Suited up

While the occasion to wear a suit, especially in these corona invested times, might be few and far between, we believe that every great fashion forward man must have at least one elegant watch that can take a suit to a different level. For this we believe that the next three watches will do just that. 


This watch features are quite unique. The designers of this watch were thinking that even a luxury watch doesn’t have to be so understated that it loses its eye catching ability, it can always be different. The watch is made up of a black leather strap but the part that is unique and amazing is the red accent stitching. The face also has a blend of red and whites to really help distinguish this watch from any other on the market. It can be worn with any suit but it can also be worn more casually if that is your style. The 45mm case is perfect for the average wrist but this watch is not for the average man. It will bring you confidence and elevate your look 100 times out of 100. Shop Now


When you talk about the masterful blending of textures and materials, this is it. This analog watch is not your ordinary watch. It is a superbly crafted watch that has many distinguishing features. With a built-in stopwatch you can use it to time your best man speech or a work presentation. The Date tracker helps you not lose your sense of what day it is. The absolute top of this watch is the tire tread silicone strap and the light blue accent stitching. Those subtle details really show the craftsmanship of the watch. Even more they show that the wearer cares about the details. Check it out here.


When we think of the classic and ultimate watch to wear with a suit, we think of this watch here. It has a stainless steel case and a stainless steel chain link band to be able to adjust the size. The difference is that this watch still has additional feature that make this a different suit watch. The textured face and different elemental colors really make it had to compare this watch to any other. Much like the 38-176-003 model, this elegant analog watch has a stopwatch and a date tracker to always keep you on track. Bring this one home by buying it here


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In conclusion, for whatever occasion you may be looking, Fila watches have a great accent piece for all. You don’t have to try to hard just be confident in your style and it will show. If you want more tips on how to dress around your watch keep an eye out for our latest blogs. And just for reading through the entire post, you get an additional 10% off any watch mentioned above on OG Watches. Just use code ILUVBLOG10 at checkout.


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