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A Short History of Our Favorite Brand - FILA

A Short History of Our Favorite Brand - FILA


As most stories, FILA’s story begins in a place very different from where it is now. The time is 1911 in Biella, Italy. Biella is a small town that is part of the Italian alps. Even though it has a small footprint it was an important town for the processing of wool and textiles. 

Enter the FILA brothers,  Ettore and Giansevero Fila.  They began the company focusing on crafting quality underwear and knitwear. For years they perfected their craft growing their business and garnering more attention nationally. By 1923 they had partnered with another Italian powerhouse of the time Maglificio Biellese which allowed the brothers to expand into the Italian fashion scene. As always the brothers focused on quality craftsmanship inspired by the Italian culture and landscape. 

In 1942, FILA merged again with Fratelli Fila. At this point the FILA began to target the sports apparel market. They were the dominant force in the sports apparel industry for decades. By the 1970’s the sports apparel market becan to see competition driving FILA to innovate as they always had in the past. FILA focussed on bringing in sponsored partners and diving deep into endorsing some of the top tennis stars of the time. They didn’t stop at the innovation of sponsoring athletes. 

Tennis has always been a sport rooted in its tradition. FILA was as well. FILA had a tradition of pushing the status quo. Tennis players at the time were not known for or even allowed to wear colorful outfits while playing. FILA didn’t believe that needed to be the case. Since they were already well entrenched in the sport they created functional clothing for their athletes that also had more color than its predecessors. 

The brand was helped by the signing of Bjorn Borg as an ambassador. His legendary skills and clean reputation gave him the leeway to step outside the traditional white attire. Many experts seem to point to this signing as a major catalyst to the induction of FILA as a staple for the tennis community. 

FILA continued to grow as a brand that represents quality fashion. Much like it did in the past, the brand was influenced by its environment. FILA style became synonymous with streetwear in the late 80’s and the 90’s. Bulky shoes and baggy sweaters were it’s staples outside of their sports apparel.

In the early 2000’s the brand seemed to fade a bit into the background as trends changed and brought about an error of fast fashion. FILA however, never faltered at maintaining their quality as top priority. By 2015, FILA saw a resurgence of a style that had made it so iconic in the past, streetwear. FILA still holds the top market share of the streetwear market. It is inspired by its global roots. Taking ideas from all over the world. FILA blends the clean lines of European fashion, with the bold colors of Asian fashion, and the bulky and lose fitting trend that made the 90’s New York street scene so popular. 

FILA has since taken the watch scene by storm. Making amazing looking quality watches that are meant to be worn by everyone. The price is meant to be accessible to all. At OG Watches USA we took the goal of making fashion accessible to heart. We are even offering 4 month of interest free financing through our partners at Sezzle. We want FILA to be on your wrist because their brand stands for everything we do: quality, innovation, and functionality.