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Affordable Watch Brands Everyone Needs to Know About

Affordable Watch Brands Everyone Needs to Know About

It is no surprise that anyone who has a passion for fashion can also appreciate a great watch. It is also no surprise that most people will crave having a luxury watch on their wrist. Can anyone blame them for craving the ultimate #wristwear accessory? While having an aspirational goal to one day buy a Rolex, Piaget, or Cartier, is not a bad thing, most cannot start there. But just because you don’t have the funds for a top of the line luxury watch, doesn’t mean you can up your timepiece game. There are so many amazing watch brands out there that are affordable and you don’t have to sacrifice style for price.

At the end of the day, fashion is an avenue to show off your personality, not your wallet. You don’t need to drop hundreds of dollars on a t-shirt to feel like a million bucks. And you definitely don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a watch to catch the eye. Watches have two functions. First and foremost, the purpose of the watch is to tell a story about your choices. And second, it is to tell time. At OG Watches, we care much more about the story telling aspect of watches then we do about whether they cost me a one-story home. Affordable watches say, “I care about my style and looking good but I don’t want to spend $5,000-$10,000 for an entry level rolex.” Be loud and proud of your fashion choices and remember to always accessorize your fashion choices with a wrist watch. 

Here are 5 of our favorite affordable watch brands that you should consider adding to your wristwatch repertoire. 


 Product Photo of Casio G-Shock


Casio is a Japanese watch maker with an origin in producing digital products. Starting with producing calculators they later became the first company to mass produce the digital watch. Their focus is still mostly on digital watches but you know what they say, “do what you do well.” Casio watches fall into the lower end price range of affordable watches but you don’t have to worry about quality as Japanese watches are very reliable. Our favorite model of the Casio watch brand is the G-Shock family. Within the G-Shock collection, our favorite and the most affordable model is the GMDB800. This fully digital wristwatch is still affordable at about $99. It is known for XL faces, bold colors and being rugged, perfect for the active wearer. Check out the G-Shock collection here.


Product Photo of Citizen Eco Drive

Citizen watches are another Japanese watch making company that is internationally recognized for its reliability and classic styles. Innovation is in their blood and they have developed technologies that are then used by other companies. One of our favorite technological advancements that Citizen brought to the world was their Eco-Drive Technology which relies on solar energy to keep the watch running. But don’t worry, you don’t have to leave it outside during the day. The battery holds a charge very well and the actual battery can last over 40 years. Because of the reliability and not having to change the battery for years, we really love the Eco-Drive collection as a whole. Citizen watches in the Eco-Drive collection run anywhere from $155-$2,500+ with the majority falling below the $300 range. The look is generally a more elegant analog watch with a variety of faces and straps. Check out their collection at their website here


Model Wearing Fila Watch 38-199-004

Fila as a company has always been able to blend elements from different cultural fashion trends and create something beautiful. Fila watches are no exception. With origins in Europe, having been bought by a company in Korea, and establishing a strong presence in the USA, Fila has produced the perfect collection of watches both digital watches and analog watches that reflect their history. Their wristwatches are represented by a mix of bright colors and different materials. All of Fila watches are below $200 with an average price point of $75 which makes these the ultimate affordable watch for someone who likes to stand out and loves fashion. Check out our favorite watches here.  


Product Photo Nixon Watch

Nixon is a relatively new brand. It focuses on the california surfer lifestyle while also producing some just really awesome watches. The watches are made to be used by those with interest in extreme sports while also being able to blend with the day-to-day. Their offerings include both digital watches and analog watches. Both men’s and women’s collections are defined by sleek and minimalistic designs. Their price range falls below the $250. Check out their watches here.


Product Photo MVMT

Some of our favorite affordable watches on the market are MVMT. The defining feature of these watches apart from being affordable is that they are very minimalistic and yet beautifully designed. Each watch will catch the eye of anyone as you walk down the street. You won’t have to struggle to match these watches with your outfits because they blend well with any look. Check out their watches here.