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Best Kids Digital Watches for the Girls and Boys in Your Life

Best Kids Digital Watches for the Girls and Boys in Your Life

We are passing through a tough emotional time right now in this COVID-19 world we are living in. No one has it harder than the kids in our lives, be it sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren. We all have a little one in our lives that has had their whole existence wiped from the face of the earth. They are no longer seeing their friends everyday at school. They are no longer crushing on the girl that sits next to them in 3rd grade english. They are missing so many memories that give us adults those nostalgic goosebumps when we think about them. What’s worse is Christmas is in our rearview mirror now so the children will have to wait a whole other year for Santa to come down the chimney with gifts. 

As adults, we have the power to make things just a little better for those little rascals. We know that what kids want more than anything is to spend time with those they admire and love. With social distancing in place, the second best option is to send them a gift that will let them know that you are thinking of them. For that we have the perfect solution, kid watches. I still remember the first Casio watch that my grandpa gave me growing up. It was a black, slim, digital watch that also you couldn’t get me to take it off, well apart from the fact that it was too big for me. It was the first watch that began my love affair with timepieces as not only functional but also fashion accessories. 

Make sure your little girl knows you are thinking of her with the 2 best selling girls digital watches in the OG Watches store. Don't worry for those with boys, we have selected 2 boy digital watches that were our best sellers to showcase. 

Girls Digital Watch #1

The best seller in our catalog of watches for girls is Fila’s 38-213-005. This watch is the perfect starter watch for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter. The watch features a baby pink strap and a white ABS case that makes it durable and comfortable. Better yet, it is the fashion accessory that everyone will talk about in the zoom classes. This girls digital watch has additional features such as an alarm to help them wake up for school, it has a backlight that will help them see the time in the dark, it is water resistant up to 50 meters which means they don’t have to take it off to go in the shower, and it has a calendar so they can figure out how long until their birthdays. This girls digital watch is ideal for 4-12 year old girls. The fact that this is a digital watch makes it easy for any girl, of any age to read what time it is.

Girls Digital Watch #2

There is a very close runner up to the Fila 38-213-005 mentioned above. That watch is none other than Fila’s 38-205-004. This watch has a darker color pallet than 38-213-005. This girls digital watch is made up of a hot pink strap and a purple ABS case. I believe that this watch is amazing for girls ages 4-12 years. The reason I say that is because much like the above mentioned watch, the case is durable, the strap is comfortable, the face is digital so any one could read the time, but this digital watch for girls is made with the active girl in mind. Among girls digital watches, this 38-205-004 is water resistant up to 100 meters. For this reason alone it is a great watch. Your little girl could swim with this watch and be fine. It is also a digital watch that features a stopwatch, a backlight, and a date tracker.

Boys Digital Watch #1 and #2


For that young boy in your life we had two watches from the same family as our best sellers. The top boys digital watches were Fila’s 38-205-003 and 38-205-005. This watch is great for the active little guy. With a water resistance of 100 meter he could swim with the boys digital watch and have no problem. I know that when I was a kid, I spent countless hours in the water and this watch would have come with me. Especially for those impromptu water wars that would happen and we all ended up in the pool with what we were wearing. These watches have a comfort strap, an ABS case, date tracker, stopwatch, alarm, and backlight. Either of these would be the perfect boys digital watch for your little guy. 

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