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Digital Watch Me Now

Digital Watch Me Now



This post is directed at those of you out there who like to be different. Who like to stand out amongst the crowd. Who like to be bold and brave and unique. 

There are many people out there who can be considered a part of the pack. If the pack goes left, they go left. If the pack goes right, they go right. There is no shame in wanting to belong. But there is more room to breath, more room to express yourself, when you go against groupthink. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of opinion with everyone’s opinion always being thrown in your face. At OG Watches, we say, who cares about what others think. Express yourself.

Fashion is my identity.

Fashion has always been a way for each and every one of us to express ourselves. Every morning everyone wakes up. Gets out of bed. Showers (hopefully). Gets dressed and gets after it. There is not much choice in everyone’s day-to-day but each day that we chose what to wear, we chose to express ourselves. And this world deserves to see your full and true expression of yourself. 

Accessories are where it’s at.

Much like you are not complete without freedom to express your fashion, no outfit is complete without accessories. Throw a necklace on that black dress and POP. Grab some jeans and shirt, add some earrings and damn. Don’t even get me started about hats! Every different accessory adds a layer of complexity.  

Don’t forget the #wristwear

Whatever the case may be no getup is complete without something around your wrist. There are digital watches for women, digital watches for men, analog watches for women, analog watches for men, Luxury wrist watches, casual timepieces. There are watches with leather straps, watches with metal straps, and watches with rubber straps. The choices are endless. Take for example one of the worlds most recognizable affordable watch, the casio f91w. Its basic black color and classic casio watch shape makes this watch the perfect entry level watch for anyone. The digital display is great and it tells time accurately. The question is does the casio f91w make a statement? No. It is a functional watch that will get you through the day. 

Stand out

In contrast, FILA watches are known for their use of bright colors, for the blending of materials and adding complex stitching and details that are only found in the world’s most luxurious and expensive watches. All the while, FILA maintains their price point at below $200 for every watch they have. Their average watch price point is closer to $75. The best part is that the quality of FILA Watches will rival any other watch brand. Michael Kors Watches, Casio, Nixon, Fossil, can compare to the price points of FILA, but the design on FILA watches makes them the best watches around. 

At OG Watches we are proud to be the official licensee for FILA watches. Check out our entire selection of active watches, style watches, or kids wrist watches. If there is another watch brand that you’re interested in, let us know and we will work on getting it for you!