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Have You Ever Wondered How to Get 3 Watches For the Price of 1? Enter: The One and Only Exchange Collection

Have You Ever Wondered How to Get 3 Watches For the Price of 1? Enter: The One and Only Exchange Collection


If you’re anything like me, you don’t like to repeat your style EVER. You live for variety and for options. Every day you want to wear something differently than you did before. You want to show off that you can pull of any color. You want to prove that you can CHOOSE to match or not match everything and still have SWAG. It is all about expressing yourself for who you are at that moment in time. 

Every Occasion Calls for a Different Approach.

There are times when I am feeling like I want to be cozy. For those occasions I grab some FILA sweats, a comfy and baggy T-shirt, and an oversized hoodie. Even in the moments of feeling comfy, I grab my analog watch and throw it on my wrist. Other times, I want to look good and take a walk at the mall or go see some friends for a socially distant lunch so I will pick out some jeans (roll them up at the bottom, Duh!), wear my sneakers, a polo, and a bomber jacket. And who can forget the analog wrist watch. Once in a while the occasion calls for a dressed up look. Even then, I fight to show my individuality. I used to think that wearing funky socks was enough to make any formal outfit still be an expression of myself but socks are mostly always hidden by my pants. I still love my colorful and unusual funky socks but the truth is that there needs to be a more in your face way of showing my personality. That is where FILA watches come in. On a formal occasion I will get my suit out of the closet, lint roll it out because, come on I don’t wear it often, put on the unique socks and the final touch a brightly colored analog timepiece. Don’t get me wrong, I love my digital wrist watches too but analog brings me back to the good old days before cell phones. 

Enough Nostalgia.

Regardless of what the occasion is, every occasion calls for individuality. For something that will make you stand out.  I believe that watches are exactly that. If you’re in class and raise your hand people see an expression of your identity through your #wristwear. Walking down the street? Show off a watch with colors that POP and will turn heads. There is no need to keep it low-key. But we were talking about a variety of options to stand out anywhere you go. It takes time to build up a collection of watches that will work for every occasion. But there is a good place to start.

FILA’s Exchange Collection

This collection was masterfully designed by the playful and unique designers at FILA. The Exchange collection is all about options. Each watch comes with 2 additional color sleeves that go around the solid white ABS case. That way you can change it up every day and feel like you are wearing a different wristwatch. My personal favorite is FILA’s 38-315-003WHRD. This is the perfect place for anyone to start their watch collection. The white comfort strap makes wearing the watch a simple decision. The comfort strap is made of silicone so you can be active or not, your choice. The blue, red, and white cases give you options to change up every outfit. And the best part is that you only have to pay for 1 watch and you get endless possibilities. 

At OG Watches we want to help you start your watch collection. If you want to spread out your payments, sign up with our partner Sezzle and pay down any purchase on our site in 4 interest free payments. 

Start your collection today.