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How to Select the Best Kids Watch

How to Select the Best Kids Watch


Image for just a minute, a kid in his or her school playground surrounded by all the other kids. There is a moment of silence and then one kid suddenly yells, “The floor is lava.” In that instance, panic ensues. One kid jumps onto the monkey bars. Another, dives onto the slide. The rest of the kids are jumping and running anywhere they can to safety. In all the commotion, everyone ends up with bangs and bruises but they are all safe from the lava. Phew, that was close. 

These types of games are a common occurrence amongst the youngest members of our world. They are always finding ways to express their energy and playing. Most of the time, someone, or something, ends up banged up. As an adult in a kids life, you cannot expect them to behave in a reserved manner, not get dirty, or to be in one whole piece after they start to play. As the adult, you might want to pamper your kid, give them the best clothing, best watches, or the best shoes, but in reality, things don’t keep their mint condition for very long on a kid. Especially if a kid is growing, you don’t want to buy them a $60 pair of sneakers for them to grow out of them in 2 months. 

We all know that fashion is one way that we express ourselves. Kids are no exception to the rule. They have every desire to look cool and feel confident amongst their peers. While there are millions of options out there for clothing, accessories are what make an outfit. We are going to focus here on how to select the best kids watch for you little guy or girl. 

Step #1: Find out what the watch is made of. 

Most kids watches are not made to look luxurious with stainless steel and a glass casing. However, there are better options than others in terms of materials that make a watch ideal for kids. The best kids watch is one that is both comfortable and durable. 

What makes a kids watch durable?

You might say that the simple answer is that the case and face should be made of a plastic composite material that is flexible enough to withstand a game of the floor is lava but also not so ridgid that it breaks on the slightest contact with say a wall or a jungle gym. For this we recommend the ABS plastic composite. 

What makes a kids watch comfortable?

A comfortable kids watch is one that your kid can wear all day, during any activity, and not even realize they are wearing it. The ideal strap for this is one made out of silicone or rubber. With the flexible material and weatherproof material your kid could run around all day, sweat it up, and not feel a thing. Best part is that those materials are generally very easy to clean and sanitize. 

Step #2: Know what color your kid likes to wear, or what color you like to dress your kid. 

Kids don’t care if their accessories match their getup for the day as much as us adults love photographing our kids and putting them up on our insta. For that, we need to make sure that kid looks fly AF. There are two main schools of thought in fashion right now. There is the streetwear element that says you can wear any color with anything and still rock it because its about how the outfit makes you feel. For that, you would be looking for a multicolored watch that could be used as a statement piece rather than an “accessory”. For this, we think the best watch for both boys and girls is the Fila 38-205-003 (pictured below).

This watch is our favorite because it is made up of a silicone band for comfort and combines an ABS plastic casing to protect the digital watch display. Besides the fact that it is the ideal materials for a kids watch, it stands out with the classic red and blue straps and a white case. The idea with this kids watch is to stand out while being super functional. You can check out all the specs and purchase it here.

If you like your kids to be more of the school of fashion where you want colors to blend or go with one another we think the best unisex kids watch is from the same family as the 38-205-003 but it is an all white option that goes great with literally any color. That watch is Fila’s 38-205-002 (Pictured Below). 

Step 3: Know your budget.

Like we said, kids grow out of most of their clothes and shoes what seems to be almost daily. Most watches don’t have that issue. The factor that you must consider with kids is how banged up the kids watches will get. The benefit that most, if not all, kids watches have is that they are adjustable. This means that it grows with your kid. Even then, we don’t like to spend too much on something that could last a year because of all the damage taken by the poor wristwatch. That is why we love that Fila’s Kids Watch Collection is affordable, fashionable, and durable. It blends the perfect elements for both the parents and the kid. In the effort to meet with our mission at OG Watches of bring affordable, high quality watches to all we offer 4 interest free installments through our partner Sezzle for qualifying customers. All you have to do is select Sezzle at checkout and apply. You will be notified immediately. This helps any kids watch be the perfect gift for your little one and still keep you in your budget. 


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