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Love is in the Air: Gift Ideas for Your Loved One

Love is in the Air: Gift Ideas for Your Loved One

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As humans we are creatures of connection and affection. Being in love and showing love to others is one of the greatest gifts that we have to give. However, there are also actual gift that you can give a loved one that shows you care. First, I would like to preface this by saying that not everyone loves giving or receiving gifts and that is ok. This blog though, is for the group of people who like to shower their significant other, their partner in crime, their Bonnie to their Clyde with gifts and are looking for ideas.

As we write this post, there are probably many people out there who have forgotten that yesterday was Valentine's day. The official day that hallmark created and the world adopted as the day for showing love. While it may have been started by a corporation in order to sell more greeting cards, the act of showing love is amazing and there is no better feeling. That is, other than putting on a brand new watch and feeling extra sexy and/or sophisticated.

Love Rocks, Show It Off!

There are many gift ideas out there that are amazing but our favorite idea is a great set of couple watches. For those of you who don’t know what it is the idea is simple. A man’s watch is usually designed for the average male wrist which is usually bigger than that of a woman’s. The same is true for the women’s wrist watches. However, with couple watches, the designers consider a look that is more unisex, adjust the sizes, and sometimes the shape, all the while keeping the color scheme and asthetics the same. This makes it so that you can match watches with your hubby, wifey, or any other person of the opposite sex you want. 

While I believe that a watch should be used to showcase your individuality, there is a beautiful meaning behind a set of matching couple timepieces that an individual watch will not attain. The idea is to show that you and your partner are in it together and you want the world to know it. 

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While there are a sea of options out there to pick from, we have narrowed it down to our top 3 couple watches for the sake of simplicity. We selected our choices in this case by aesthetics. We were looking for options that are truly unisex looking because there are many options out there in which the design looks strange for one or the other sex.

OLEVS Couple Watch

Our favorite option is the OLEVS Couple Watch. It's simplistic modern minimalist design suits both partners perfectly. It features a navy blue face, a black metal mesh band, and is ultra thin. The best part is that the set of timepieces runs you $50 (as of Feb 15, 2021). While you might think that two watches at a $25 price point makes it that these watches are cheap and will break, OLEV offers a 1 year warranty on their watches. Usually, when a watch is under $50 the companies do not offer any sort of warranty because their products are not made to last. Additionally, if you are not with your partner, this watch still looks good so you won’t have to worry about it cramping your style. You can buy your own set of OLEV Couple watches by clicking here. There are also many other variants in this link that you could purchase depending on your style. 

Victoria Hyde Couple Watches

Another great option for matching watches is the Victoria Hyde Couple’s Watch Set. Similarly to the OLEV set mentioned above, these watches sport a stainless steel mesh band in silver, a silver colored metal case, and a sleek minimalist face design. The difference here is that the watches are not exact matches. There is some symbolism to be had here if you look for it. The watches are great because from the side, they look exactly alike but the face differs in that the bigger watch has a black face and dial markers only in the 3, 6, 9, and 12 position while the smaller of the two watches has a white face but has dial markers in every position. However, the watches maintain the same case and band which makes these watches ideal for the couple who still wants to maintain their individuality but wants to also know that the two watches are a set. It’s like an inside joke that only the lovers are in on. You can get your own set of Victoria Hyde Couple watches at the following link.  

Fossil Wylie Couple Watches

Fossil is an incredibly reliable brand that produces quality watches at an affordable price but I would not classify these watches in the “cheap” category. A typical fossil watch can run you anywhere from $75-$250 but in the case of these couple watches, they are $150 for both. I would say that this set is more casual looking his and her timepiece. While the band is leather it is not the typical padded leather. Additionally, seeing the full number on the face also makes it feel more casual. However, we really love Fossil as a watch brand and they did not disappoint in putting together this lover’s set.  You can buy this watch from multiple sellers in Amazon at the by clicking here.

In the end

If you forgot to get your loved one a gift yesterday for valentines, these watch option are great. You can always say that they got lost in the mail or that there was just a delay. You might be in the dog house for a few days, but when a set arrives that shows you want people to know that you are together, the feeling of love will take over for forgetting Valentines! The best part about this all is that you really don’t have to spend all that much to get your loved one a gift that they will adore.