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Make a Statement with FILA's Statement Collection

Make a Statement with FILA's Statement Collection


FILA’s Statement Collection of watches on one that is characterized by its intricate design and attention to detail. All the wrist watches in this collection blend materials, colors, and textures to perfection. You wouldn’t expect the attention to detail on any ordinary analog watch. Maybe from a designer watch but not from a streetwear brand. And the best part is that the watches are affordable watches. 

FILA’s Statement Collection is defined by its additional hang tag on the timepiece’s strap. It is purposefully placed where anyone can see it and to call attention to your wrist. This is the epitome of #wristwear for a generation who seeks to be bold. With a blend of rubber, silicone, and plastic, the strap was specifically engineered for comfort. You could wear any of these watches anywhere for any occasion. These are, what we consider to be the best watches that were produced by FILA. They are the best watches for men and the best watches for women.  

When you first put on FILA’s 38-199-010 for example, you can tell that the red in the comfort strap is a bit understated. What really stands out though is the red metal casing and the pure white face all pulled together by the iconic fila logo front and center. As if that weren’t enough, the designers had to take it a step further and placed the crown on the left side of the watch. 

You can find these watches at OG Watches. Trust me you won’t regret it. And even if you do, their customer service is there to make you happy. 

Why would anyone want to be a follower? This watch is for those of you who like to be different and who like to make a #statement.