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OshenWatch: Best Value Smartwatch?

OshenWatch: Best Value Smartwatch?

Photo by Simon Daoudi on Unsplash


Smart watches and fitness trackers are a recent phenomenon that has been adopted by the masses in the USA. When smartwatches first hit the scene, people started to imagine themselves in any Sci-fi movie where people had their method of communication on their wrist. It was a marvelous step into the future to be able to have a mini-computer on your wrist. Additionally, the invention of the smartwatch helped the fitness tracking industry to grow as well.

Companies such as Fit Bit, which originally were only for tracking your steps in a day, started to add features such as heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring, and some models even began to tell the time. Most high end smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch have blended all the best fitness tracker technology with all the best smartwatch capabilities such as connecting to your phone, being able to access the internet, read and reply to your messages. However, the basic model of the current Apple Watch, the Apple Watch 6, will run you $399. While the Apple Watch may be considered the pinnacle of smartwatches and fitness trackers, there are other options out there for the more price conscious consumers. 

The watch we are going to focus on today is the OshenWatch. The OshenWatch is everything you could ask for with regards to a smartwatch with fitness tracking features. Below we will talk about the pros and cons of the OshenWatch, as well as giving you the specifications, features, and where to buy your very own OshenWatch. 

OshenWatch Pros and Cons


  • The price is a big pro. The value is there and they even have a volume discount which is not a typical business model for any e-commerce business I know of. For example, one watch is $49.95, three watches cost $112.49 ($37.50 each), four watches for $137.47 ($34.37 each) 
  • The OshenWatch is a smart watch with many of the most requested features such as bluetooth capabilities. We will be discussing the features in further detail. 
  • Has a silicone band that makes it super easy to wipe the sweat off of after a workout.


  • The website does not inspire much confidence in the business being legitimate. However unprofessional their website may look, they are a real business from what we have seen and their watches do function.
  • The customer service, which we believe to be a big part of any business is not what we would call their strong suit. There is no contact form, just an email that you need to reach-out to. 
  • The similarities in physical appearance of the OshenWatch to the Apple Watch are uncanny from a distance. Up close you can tell that they are different though. 
  • If you are an avid swimmer and want the fitness tracker to track your swim workouts, the OshenWatch is probably not for you. 

At OG Watches, we believe that it is important to be transparent. We believe that we must provide our readers with all the information that we have and our opinion. However, an opinion is just that. Features though, features are facts. Below we compiled a list of all the features that the OshenWatch has. 

OshenWatch Features

  • LED Touchscreen
  • Water Resistant (However, per their site it should only be submerged in water for thirty seconds.)
  •  Incoming calls and Notifications display
  • Bluetooth capabilities with all bluetooth enabled phones
  • Can control your phone with the watch

Fitness Tracking capabilities:

  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Step counter
  • Calorie counter
  • Sleep monitoring


Where can you buy an OshenWatch?

At the current moment, as of Feb 3, 2021, the only place to buy the OshenWatch is on their website. You can visit their site by clicking here. We looked on Amazon, and there are a few other, value smart watch competitors, however, Oshen’s smartwatch was not amongst them. 


Do we think the OshenWatch is worth it?

While we believe that there should be value smartwatches at a price point that everyone can afford, we are not sure that the OshenWatch is the one. As a company that sells watches, we think that there is more to a business than its product. While the product is a good starting point, the user experience is just as important. As we mentioned in the cons list above, when we entered OshenWatches site, it felt too much like a scammy website. While we do not have anything to say they are a scam site, it just felt like it. 

The watch itself is good but there are other good low cost, fitness trackers on the market. All you have to do to find some good ones is to search for affordable smart watches and you will get a slew of options. Additionally, for those of you who do want to shell out a little more on a fitness tracker that will be reliable, has great customer service, and is one of the biggest companies in the world, check out the Series 6 Apple Watch here.

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