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The 3 Best Watch Boxes to Store Your Watches Under $150

The 3 Best Watch Boxes to Store Your Watches Under $150

Photo by Amin Hasani on Unsplash 


I began my collection of watches from an early age, around 12 years old, with a Swatch Swiss watch that I loved for years. I was never attracted to the fancy $5,000 watches. Price and status were not of any concern to me. What attracted me to watches was the way wearing a watch made me feel. I felt like a grown up, confident, and sophisticated. There were not many kids wearing any watches at that time. I loved wearing my watch. I didn’t take my first watch off for a year except to shower (it had a leather band so I didn’t want to ruin it). Even though I did my best to make sure to maintain the watches in mint condition, as a kid who also loved sports, some watches did not make it home from school. 

As a watch lover, you must realize that wearing the right watch is just half the battle. Keeping the watch in good condition is the other half. In this post, we are going to explore the 3 coolest and best watch boxes that we found to be able store and display your favorite watches. If you are interested in learning some tips on how to dress an outfit up with a watch, check out our previous post here.

A watch box can serve multiple functions. The first thing you must consider when selecting the correct watch box is what kind of watches you have in your collection. If you have automatic watches then any watch box will do; however, if you have manual winding watches then you might want to consider a watch box with a winding mechanism built in so that your watches are always powered and ready to go. The next attribute to consider is whether you want the watches to be the center of the display or if you want the box itself to be a statement piece. Lastly, it's important to consider the amount of watches you have in your collection to determine which watch box is right for you. You don’t want to be like my 12 year old self that just had the watches sitting in a drawer. By the time I realized it, my watches were far from mint condition.

The first watch box that I want to start with is one that I really fell in love with at first site. It is one that is meant to serve two functions, the box is self is decorative, but it also showcases the watches beautifully. The one downside is that the storage capacity is not very large. You might have to select your favorite watches to showcase in this watch box. 

Watch Box for Four Watches by MijMojDesign

4 watch watch box made of wood and has a glass enclosure

This watch box is very elegant. It has a minimalist design of a solid wood base and a simple glass enclosure. The watches lay on their side which is very different from your typical watch box. Additionally, you can have the box engraved which is a really nice added feature. The box has its pros and cons which we will list below.


  • Beautiful enough to put on display as a centerpiece in your room
  • It’s a great gift option as you can engrave it for the receiver
  • The watch box is handmade and made to order so you know you're getting a fresh piece. 
  • Uses solid oak for sturdiness and longevity


  • The piece is produced in the United Kingdom so the turn around time to get the piece to the US could be from 10-30 days
  • Only holds 4 watches
  • Not compatible with manual winding watches

Watch Box for 12 Watches by Lifomenz Co

This watch box is an organizer's dream. With enough room for 12 watches plus the valet drawer that can store cufflinks or small jewelry, sunglasses, and a small wallet it does more than just showcase the watches. The walnut wood paneling, the silver plated stainless steel handles, and the class cover really work and look beautifully together. The pros and cons of this watch box are listed below:


  • Beautiful enough to put on display in your room
  • The watch can hold 12 watches of all sizes
  • Has a valet drawer for additional storage


  • Does not have a winding feature if your watches need it

Automatic Watch Winder Box by SHZICMY

For those of you who have a watch requiring winding, this case is the one we believe has the most bang for your buck. It has two winders that each hold two watches so you could wind four watches at a time. Plus there is the added benefit of having a row of six static watch holders to hold a total of 10 watches. This watch box is very complete and at a reasonable price.


  • Can hold upto 10 watches
  • Alternating clockwise and counterclockwise winders
  • Glass Cover to show off the watches


  • Simple design with a black cover so it doesn’t work as well as a statement piece

All the boxes mentioned above are our favorite watch boxes for under $150. All the links above will take you to the sites where you can purchase the boxes but there are many more options out there for you to check out. The list above is just our 3 favorite watch box options for different functions.