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Top 3 Seiko Men's Watches On Amazon

Top 3 Seiko Men's Watches On Amazon

Photo by Paul Cuoco on Unsplash


There comes a time in everyone’s life where they pick up a new passion. Some people love cars, some love to cook, and others learn to love watches. You might say that there is no point to a watch now that everyone has a cellphone in the pocket that tells the time. Those people would be missing the point. A watch has a magical way of making the wearer feel different than they would otherwise. A watch can be that eye catching piece that helps stand out. It can be a conversation starter. It can also identify you as a part of a group of watch collectors. 

A great place to start, any collection is with an affordable watch. If you are unsure if you want to collect watches, starting with a luxury watch that can cost you thousands of dollars might not be the best idea. If it turns out that you don’t even like wearing a watch, your collection would just be collecting dust. 

Within the affordable watch category, there is a clear standout winner with a proven history of quality, Seiko. The Japanese watchmaker has been around since 1881. A company can’t be in business for more than 100 years if they were producing shoddy craftsmanship. Seiko produces all types of watches, if you want to learn more about their most popular collection, the Seiko 5, check out an earlier blog post here.

In this blog post, we are going to select our top 3 Seiko watches for men that are sold on Amazon as of 03/12/2021.

Seiko 5 SRPD85



We really like this watch for a number of reasons. It is a great casual watch defined by a textured dial, a nylon Nato strap, and a screw on bezel. We really like that the watch is also not a typical color. The watch is a reddish brown shade blends in with any outfits but at the same time, it is not a typical color so it can really work as a fashion statement. If you want to check out this watch you can purchase it on amazon by clicking here

Seiko SNE329

Another one of our favorite casual watches is the Seiko SNE329. Much like the Seiko 5 mentioned above, the SNE329 has a nylon strap and a stainless steel case. However, when you compare the face of this watch with the Seiko 5 SRPD85, the face does not have any texture and the 3, 6, 9,12 numbers are all bolded with a black dial. This watch is a great option as an everyday watch because of how versatile it is. We would not recommend this as an option to go with a suit but for any other occasion it is ideal. The best part is that the watch can last you for years with the proper maintenance and it won’t cost you a fortune. If you are interested in the watch you can purchase it here.

Seiko SSC143



While the Seiko SSC143 is a more elevated watch than the ones mentioned above. This timepiece is the perfect watch for any elegant occasion. The bold large case, and the two toned stainless steel bracelet really helps place this wristwatch into a class of its own. With additional functions like a chronograph and solar charging this watch really does bring value to the wearer. If you want to look amazing with a suit, check out the watch here.

You can’t go wrong with a Seiko watch in general but these top three would be our place to start your search. If you want to check out Amazon’s full selection of Seiko mens watches you can click here.